Programme Details

We have classes for all the age groups between 0-6 years. Our weekly classes are made of set of fun-filled activities that provide various stimuli to enhance the brain capacity of your kid. Objective of these classes is to nourish innate abilities such that they become inherent and can be tapped at any time in future.

A typical class would be of around 65 mins. It will be a weekly session and in an year we will hold around 50 such classes. Each class would typically be divided in following 11 sections.


Extent of these activities will vary depending on the age & performance of the child. We offer following 4 Programs categorized on the basis of your child’s age.


Infants Program – For kids between 0 – 1.5 yrs of Age

  • Basic Flashcards
  • Initial Memory Training
  • Hand Dexterity
  • Emotional Bonding
  • Music Sensation

Toddlers Program – For kids between 1.5 – 3 yrs  of Age

  • Basic Imaging
  • Begin the Linking Memory
  • Begin Quantity Recognition
  • Initial Sensory Development
  • Expanded Flashcards

Preschool Program – For kids between 3 yrs – 4 yrs of Age

  • Advanced Imaging
  • Expanded Linking Memory
  • Expanded Quantity Recognition
  • Advanced Sensory Development
  • Expanded Encyclopedic knowledge through Flashcards

Early Elementary Program – For kids between 4 yrs – 6 yrs

  • Peg Memory
  • Advanced Linking Memory
  • Advanced Quantity Recognition and Basic Calculations
  • Advanced Word Comprehension & Reading Sentences
  • Initial Writing skills

We would maintain individual child’s performance graph. Based on their varied absorption rates/performance the activities might vary from one child to another irrespective of their age.

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