Why Right Brain Education

21st Century Kids would require a whole new Mind!

In this highly competitive world would left brain skills suffice not really! Future requires an equally developed creative/imaginative aspect, high acumen of problem solving skills, dexterity at Social & Emotional skills, power to access your intuition & talent to see the bigger picture.

In fact in future, genius would not be defined by ones capacity to store information & facts but will be measured by their capacity to create new & well connected information. So you cannot let your child lose their inherent potential which can be unleashed with little bit of effort such that they can excel to become leader in their own unique areas.


We have the window only till the age of 6…

Unfortunately human beings have a very small window to access the huge potential that exists within the right brain as brain develops in a certain order. During the age of 0 to 3 yrs our right brain is dominant. The right brain primarily works through images i.e. it absorbs and stores information in image form. At the age of 3 the logical & linguistic part starts developing and hence brain starts learning through these modes and dominance shifts from the right to the left brain. By the age of six as child’s linguistic thought processes becomes completely dominant they primarily learn through that medium. That is why the learning capability of adults is extremely limited. Therefore we have window uptill the age of 6 to unleash our right-brain potential.

Also our brain’s ability to absorb information typically observes same path as marginal utility curve where brain’s absorption capability is very high initially and keeps on reducing with growing years. In fact after a certain age the absorption happens at a very minimal rate. We can possibly try to provide stimuli in the later years however, the magnitude of the impact is much smaller than the possible impact of a stimuli provided during this early development phase. 

And some of benefits of the right brain education are….



Right Brain Education: A Proven Method

Though this concept might be new to India, it has been adopted in countries like Japan, US, Canada etc for decades now. In fact they have already started experiencing remarkable changes in their young generation due to this methodology. There are thousands of schools established globally to provide right brain education and around lacs of students who have benefited from this method.

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