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Programs by age

Pre Primary Program

For 2 to 4 years

Primary Program

For 5 to 8 years

Elementary Program

For 8 to 10 years

Middle School Program

For 11 to 13 years

High School Program

For 14 to 18 years

Young Adults Program

For 18 to 21 years

Benefits of our Programs

AmalgaMind, an ISB Alumna Venture, offers distinctive learning programs aimed at nurturing holistic intelligence in children, teenagers, and young adults. Our focus is on enhancing cognitive skills (IQ) through the Brain Enrichment Program (for ages 2 to 12 years) and fostering social and emotional intelligence through the Communication & Leadership Program (for ages 5 to 21 years). These programs are available in both online and offline formats.

How do these programs benefit?

  • Expanded Learning Capacity with ability to Rapidly Learn New Skills. 
  • Improved Academic & Cognitive Performance with enhanced Memory, Attention, Logic, Processing speed and Visualisation. 
  • Stronger Critical Future Job Skills including Critical thinking, Problem solving and Decision making.
  • Enhanced Leadership Abilities with enhanced qualities, such as Self-awareness, Empathy, Communication, and Conflict resolution skills
  • Greater Communication Skills with stronger skills to Express effectively, Listen actively, and Communicate their thoughts and feelings with clarity. 
  • Better Confidence and Motivation with greater Resilience, Self-belief, Happiness and Fulfillment.
  • Overall Personal & Professional Success

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Cognitive (IQ) – Right Brain Education Program
Social Emotional (EQ) – Communication & Leadership Program

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My son has started picking up even complex English words early on and has now become fond of our reading lessons. I love to attend Amalgamind's sessions along with my child, there is so much to learn as a Parent. Thanks to Amalgamind's right brain development classes.


After attending the class for 2 years, I realized my daughter, Samaira, is able to learn things very fast. She particularly loves solving puzzles and I never have to struggle to teach her because she is able to figure it out within a short period of time. I strongly believe with her attending the class, it had helped her to achieve this result which both my hubby and I are proud of. Kudos to the teachers and we look forward to enroll our 2nd daughter next year! 🙂


I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the AmalgaMind teachers and staff.  After several classes, Viaan has surprised me by beginning to observe little details and patterns around in the environment. After attending AmalgaMind classes for half a year, I see tremendous improvement in Viaan's ability to grasp new information. His memory has improved and is able to recall a number of the activities done in class. The innovation factor in the class keeps him interested. He enjoys mimicking the teachers at home. He is now more participative in class compared to when he first started. He is able to tell the number of objects, thanks to the training method learnt in class. The international language section also helped spurred his enthusiasm in reciting different language words. I'm positive on the long-term results of AmalgaMind's methodology. I would greatly recommend AmalgaMind classes.

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Benefits of being our franchise?

  • High Financial Returns with Low Investment
  • Internationally one of the fastest spreading concept in Early Education
  • Amazingly vast curriculum with regular innovation
  • Strong Team Credentials
  • End to End Business Support

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