Q. What are the benefits of this program?

A. During the early years a child’s mind absorbs information at a very fast pace and is also extremely eager to learn. During this period child primarily learns through the right hemisphere of the brain. However, our existing learning mechanism, primarily focusing on left brain development, fails to tap into this potential of the brain and we end up wasting the window of opportunity available to us during early years.

Amalgamind’s program (based on proven American and Japanese Methods) through unique techniques lets your child access its right brain potential.  It would enhance the creative genius of your child, would help them expand their photographic memory which will lend them power to perform speed reading, speed calculations and speed learning. It will also strengthen their problem solving and social emotional skills. Further it will provide them key to access their intuition power & talent to see the bigger picture.

Q. In how much time will I be able to see the effectiveness of this program?

A. Whole brain education is way of parenting, so the role of a parent is very critical for the effectiveness of the program. With regular sessions along with consistent practice at home and a highly positive environment for the child at home would provide a conducive environment for rapid brain development. So provided these conditions are met you would be able to observe changes in your child in an around 6 to 9 months of beginning this program. 

Q. When is the right time to start?

A. Brain development begins much before actual birth of the child (it starts in the womb) and significant development happens by the age of 6. During this period of development our brain learns in unique & a very efficient manner, hence learning during this period is believed for the life time. So ideally this program should be started at the stage when child is in the womb. Most of the international right brain programs start at prenatal stage. Infact earlier you start better it is, as the rate of brain development is highest in the beginning and diminishes with age.

Q. Can right brain education be imparted to kids above 6 yrs of age?

A.  Right brain education can be imparted to kids above 6 yrs of age and even to adults. Infact it will be effective even in these ages. However, the level of effectiveness would be much higher for kids below 6 yrs as the impact of whole brain education reduces as the age increases.

Q. How is this program different from existing schooling mechanism?

A. Our existing educational mechanism, which primarily plays on on our left brain capabilities, is based on the assumption that the our ability to absorb more and more complex information increases with age. Hence, more complex information is fed as age increases. Right brain education believes that initial years of a child is a high information absorption period, during which whatever information is taught, simple or complex, it will be absorbed at a very fast pace. And this power to rapidly absorb information diminishes with age.

Q. Would there be any evaluation mechanism in the program?

 A. Fundamentally whole brain education emphasizes on spreading the feeling love and discourages competitiveness among-st the kids. This is based on the premise that each child possesses unique abilities and hence cannot be compared with any other child. So our aim would not be to compare one child with another but to observe how an individual is growing & transforming compared to himself as they gradually experience through our unique programs. We would maintain performance & growth record for each child and feedback would be provided to parents on a quarterly basis.  

Q. How much commitment would be required from the parents’ side?

A. Though not compulsory we encourage parents to accompany the kid during the sessions, as this helps in building a strong parent-child bond.  Moreover, it also has a crucial role to play in the effectiveness of the program as environment at the home has the biggest role to play in a child’s development. Also, parents are suggested to perform home activities to see faster results.

Q. What are some of the techniques which are used in this program?

A.  Our sessions will be filled with fast paced playful activities, each of them enhancing one or more brain functions. These activities can possibly fall under the category of Imagery Play, Sensory Play, Memory Play, Speed Play (Math, Vocab, Reading), Musical Play, Visual Stimulation, Left Brain Games or Physical Play.

Q. What is photographic memory? What are the benefits of photographic memory?

A.In simple words its an ability of brain to extract and store information in the form of photographs. You can imagine the power you will possess if you could take snapshot of every information or scene you are exposed to and are able to store the same in your mind. You would be able to extract the information with very high speed and moreover you would be able to access the same to recall the minute details even at some later point.  

Q. What is the program schedule like?

A. We typically conduct weekly classes of around 65-75 minutes. Under each of the 4 programs we would hold 48 sessions during an year.