What is Right Brain Education

How does our brain work?

In 1981, Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry established his Split Brain theory, according to which our brains are divided into 2 hemispheres, the left and right hemispheres and both these parts specialize in different tasks.  Since Right Brain works with images it works at a very high speed whereas the Left Brain works sequentially, one by one, and hence processes information much slowly. 

To unleash bain’s complete potential of the brain it is essential to develop both the hemispheres in a balanced manner.

Brain Development Period

The majority of our brain develops by the age of six. A child’s brain absorption potential is miraculous during this early development period and these absorption abilities deplete with age.  If stimuli are provided during this phase it can lead to exponential impact on a child’s development compared to stimuli provided at the later stages

Source: National Museum of Natural History (United States)

The key to access the humongous potential that prevails at an early age is through right-brain abilities

Whole Brain Education by AmalgaMind

A unique education system based on (US and Japanese Method) which focuses on developing the Right Brain functions of kids such as Imagination, Linking/Photographic Memory, Big Picture, Intuition, and Emotional Intelligence at an early age. 

These enhanced functions would allow a kid to absorb a vast amount of information at a very high speed and help them develop vast vocabulary, speed in reading & calculations, linguistic/music brilliance, and a great personality. 

Also, an early developed right brain would support your child’s left brain throughout life in achieving accelerated learning and performing exceptionally in regular school education including academics, languages, sports, music, arts.

So whole-brain education will make your child smarter, more empathetic/moral, more creative, and  most importantly a happier being

Conventional Education vs Whole Brain Education

Our conventional education system works on the theory that children can acquire more complex information as they grow old. Hence the complexity of information input is increased with age.

Right Brain Education works on the theory that babies have an inborn genius and power to absorb even complex information and this power diminishes over time as they grow old.

So in conventional systems learning is slow and gradual with age whereas in the right brain development the inborn genius is tapped to unleash the exponential potential of the brain.

Also, the foundation of the conventional education system is competition whereas the foundation of whole-brain education is love. Consequently, intellect driven by heart lasts much longer (in fact forever) compared to intellect driven by competition.