Right Brain Or Whole Brain Education In India

Right brain education, an early childhood education methodology, is rapidly gaining traction amongst parents worldwide. Today, there are thousands of schools established globally to provide right brain education and around lacs of students who have benefited from this method.

The basic premise of this concept is that majority of our brain develops by the age of 6 and brain’s absorption potential is miraculous during these early years. Stimuli provided during this phase, can lead to exponential impact on a child’s development, as compared to, stimuli provided at the later stages. And the key to access the humongous potential that prevails at this early age, is through right brain abilities.

According to Roger Sperry’s Nobel Prize winning Split Brain theory, our brain is divided in 2 hemispheres, the left and the right hemisphere and both these parts specialize in different tasks.

While Left Brain works with language and processes information sequentially, the Right Brain works with images and hence is much faster.

Where our traditional education system focuses only on developing left brain functions such as Logic and Language, the unique education program, provided by Amalgamind (www.amalgamind.com), focuses on developing Whole (Left and Right) Brain functions of kids. These enhanced functions are then used to absorb vast amount of information at a very high speed. This helps a child to develop vast vocabulary, speed in reading & calculations, linguistic/music brilliance and a great personality.

Kids who are exposed to Right Brain Training in an early age have been observed to be developing

  • Photographic & Linking memory
  • Speed reading capability
  • High creativity and imagination
  • Superior intellect
  • Multiple languages mastery
  • Perfect pitch
  • Extraordinary intuitiveness
  • Exceptional sporting skills
  • Music brilliance
  • Computer-like calculation speed
  • Charming personality

Amalgamind’s (www.amalgamind.com) Right brain training sessions comprise of games, exercises and activities that stimulate right brain functions of kids. Besides these exercises, these sessions also involve speedy inflow of information to build a strong knowledge base. This information spans across 5 categories – Science, Maths, Cultures, Art and General Knowledge.