Role of Parents in a child’s learning process in Right Brain Education

According to Right Brain Education parents play a very crucial role in a child’s learning process and their overall brain development. Parents are the first role models for their kids in their early years. So if you want your child to be curious, eager to learn, knowledgeable or informed, from the very foundation, then you have to be one before. A parent’s positive attitude towards learning/education inspires the kid to be positively inclined towards learning journey.

Understanding this very critical premise, we at Amalgamind as a part of our Right Brain Education concept require parents to be a part of the session along with the kids, so in the process both kids as well as parents learn. Parents and kids together get exposed to various concepts which they can further explore through various activities and in real world context. This not only helps in defining learning path or brain development of a child but also builds a healthy relationship between a parent and a child. This training at an early stage can infact be leveraged for life.

Moreover, every child has his/her own unique learning style, some learn visually through pictures, some learn kinesthetically (through touch) and some of them prefer learning through auditory mode (by listening). As a part of this program parents and teachers, the two most critical players in a child’s learning process, come together to profile a child better and figure out their mode of learning. Based on this profiling learning can then be customized as per a child’s learning style.

Right Brain Education does not only define a learning process but it also defines a parenting style. There are other psychological aspects which directly or indirectly impact a child’s learning process.

  • Make learning fun and not a pressure
  • Never compare. It suppresses your child’s natural interests/talents
  • Let them imagine anything and never laugh on their imagination
  • Listen to their point of view/decisions instead of pushing your thoughts on them
  • Appreciate child for trying and not for being correct
  • Develop interest towards learning in your child through intrinsic motivations rather than external rewards
  • Allow them to grow naturally as per their interests
  • Develop an inquisitive nature by asking questions
  • Develop a habit of learning something new yourself

We as a part of our program are surprised to see the difference in the effectiveness of the program, when a parent is involved in a child’s learning process and when they are not. So, how your child’s learning journey will be, as a parent – choice lies with you and no one else.

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